New Air Quality Monitoring Initiative in Chernihiv Region

In a significant development, the town of Nizhyn in the Chernihiv Region is set to monitor air quality for the very first time, thanks to the support of the European Union. The Nizhyn community has received two state-of-the-art air quality monitoring stations, a move aimed at providing real-time air quality data accessible through the community’s website, as reported by the Nizhyn City Council on Facebook.

These monitoring stations, which do not require any additional equipment, can be easily installed on the exterior of buildings, making them a convenient and efficient tool for tracking air quality. Anastasia Skok, the environmental director of the NGO SaveDnipro, highlighted that these stations are equipped to detect various air quality indicators and can even identify incidents like fires or burning leaves, providing immediate alerts.

The importance of this initiative is underscored by the potential health risks associated with air pollution, particularly fine dust, which can significantly impact a person’s lifespan and lead to severe health conditions. The availability of real-time air quality data will empower the residents of Nizhyn to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing.

Mayor Oleksandr Kodola expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing that objective air quality information will be accessible to every resident of the city. The initiative is expected to enhance transparency and awareness regarding air pollution, benefitting the entire community.

This move toward air quality monitoring is not unique to Nizhyn; other regions in Ukraine are also taking steps to improve environmental standards. In a related development, the Chernihiv Regional Council allocated funds for environmental protection, including the removal of unsuitable pesticides from various communities.

Also worth mentioning, Ivano-Frankivsk recently held a meeting of the state monitoring commission for air quality protection and management, where a comprehensive plan for improving air quality over the next few years was discussed. These actions collectively reflect a commitment to addressing environmental concerns and ensuring a healthier future for Ukraine’s citizens.

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