Market Entry Strategy Consulting for Ukraine

Ukraine Gateway Group strives to be your partner in the vital realm of market entry strategy consulting, with a specific focus on the Ukrainian market. Our role in market entry strategy consulting is instrumental for businesses seeking expansion into Ukraine, …

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Real Estate and Location Advisory in Ukraine

Nestled at the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Ukraine has become a beacon for savvy property investors and businesses looking to expand their footprint. However, navigating the Ukrainian real estate market can be a complex endeavor, requiring in-depth knowledge of the …

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Ukraine Consulting Services

Ukraine Gateway Group is dedicated to catering to the requirements of our clients engaged in enterprises within Ukraine. Serving as a dependable Ukraine market integration partner, Ukraine Gateway Group stands as a trusted facilitator in the Ukrainian business landscape, Our …

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How to Invest in Ukraine (in 2024)

Beneath the headlines, Ukraine pulses with a different story: one of resilience, ingenuity, and yes, opportunity. In 2022, amidst immense challenges, Ukrainian startups defied expectations, snagging over $800 million in funding. This isn’t blind optimism; it’s a glimpse into a …

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Sunrise over St. Andrew's Church in Kyiv with a clear skyline

Is Ukraine a Tax Haven?

No, Ukraine is not a tax haven. Tax havens are jurisdictions that have low or no taxes, secrecy laws, and minimal financial regulation. This makes them attractive for individuals and businesses seeking to avoid paying taxes in their home countries. …

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