Business in Ukraine

How to Invest in Ukraine (in 2024)

Beneath the headlines, Ukraine pulses with a different story: one of resilience, ingenuity, and yes, opportunity. In 2022, amidst immense challenges, Ukrainian startups defied expectations, snagging over $800 million in funding. This isn’t blind optimism; it’s a glimpse into a …

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Sunrise over St. Andrew's Church in Kyiv with a clear skyline

Is Ukraine a Tax Haven?

No, Ukraine is not a tax haven. Tax havens are jurisdictions that have low or no taxes, secrecy laws, and minimal financial regulation. This makes them attractive for individuals and businesses seeking to avoid paying taxes in their home countries. …

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lviv winter landscape

How to Start a Business in Ukraine

Ukraine, with its strategic location in Eastern Europe and a burgeoning economy, presents a wealth of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. The country’s recent economic developments and reforms have made it an attractive destination for foreign investment and business ventures. However, …

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