How to Hire a Team in Ukraine (in 2024)

Did you know Ukraine is home to over 200,000 IT professionals, making it one of Europe’s largest tech talent pools?

This makes it a great location if you’re looking to hire tech or IT talent – especially if you’re planning on building an offshore development team.

With its thriving tech scene and competitive rates, Ukraine has become a prime destination for businesses looking to build remote teams.

Business professionals in a conference room with large windows and Ukraine flags

But how do you navigate the unique landscape and find the perfect fit for your company?

Cultural nuances, language barriers, and intricate legal frameworks can pose significant obstacles for companies unfamiliar with the Ukrainian market. When it comes to hiring, the process can be daunting, often leaving businesses overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin.

Recognizing these pain points, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you find the necessary tools and tactics to assemble a high-performing Ukrainian team.

Whether you’re on the hunt for Ukrainian developers, trying to outsource to Ukraine, or look into remote team building, this guide will lay the groundwork for your success in this dynamic and promising market.

How to Hire a Ukrainian Team (Step by Step Guide)

Successfully building a Ukrainian team requires 5 key steps:

  1. Know the Law: Ensure legal compliance and fair practices by understanding Ukrainian employment laws.
  2. Target Right: Define clear roles and requirements to attract the perfect candidates.
  3. Go Local: Utilize Ukrainian job boards and events to recruit the best talent.
  4. Assess Fit: Conduct interviews that analyze both skills and cultural compatibility.
  5. Build & Retain: Offer competitive salaries, embrace remote work, and create an inclusive environment.

Let’s take a deeper look at the additional steps you would want to follow if you’re looking to build a Ukraine-based team.

Step 1: Understand Ukrainian Employment Laws

Before initiating the hiring process, familiarize yourself with Ukrainian labor laws.

These laws cover aspects such as working hours, minimum wage, and employee rights.

It’s crucial to understand these regulations to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues. Consulting with a local legal expert can provide valuable insights and guidance.

Step 2: Define Your Requirements

Clearly outline the roles and responsibilities you’re looking to fill.

This includes job descriptions, required skill sets, and experience levels.

Understanding the local job market in Ukraine can help in setting realistic expectations and competitive salary ranges.

Step 3: Leverage Local Recruiting Channels

Ukrainian job portals, local recruitment agencies, and social media platforms are a great way to reach potential candidates.

Platforms like and are popular among Ukrainian job seekers.

Networking within local industry events and online forums can also be effective.

Step 4: Conduct a Rigorous Interview Process

Don’t neglect implementing a structured interview process to assess candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit.

A combination of technical assessments, behavioral interviews, and practical tasks are a great way to find a suitable team member.

You’ll also want to be aware of cultural differences and communication styles can aid in a smoother interview process.

Step 5: Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

To attract the best talent, you’ll want to develop a competitive compensation package that aligns with Ukrainian standards.

This should include salary, benefits, and any additional perks.

Understanding the cost of living and average salaries in Ukraine will help in creating an attractive offer.

Step 6: Navigate the Work Permit and Visa Process

If hiring non-residents, you’ll need to navigate the work permit and visa process.

This involves understanding the types of work permits available and the application procedure.

Collaborating with an immigration lawyer or a local agency can simplify this process.

Step 7: Embrace Remote Work Culture

Many Ukrainian professionals are accustomed to remote work.

Embracing this culture can widen your talent pool and appeal to more candidates.

Ensure you have the necessary tools and processes in place to support a remote or hybrid work environment.

Step 8: Foster a Culturally Inclusive Environment

Create a workplace culture that respects and embraces diversity.

This includes understanding Ukrainian holidays, cultural norms, and language barriers.

Providing cultural sensitivity training to your team can promote a more inclusive and harmonious work environment.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult to Build Your Team in Ukraine

Hiring a team in Ukraine requires a blend of understanding local laws, respecting cultural nuances, and implementing effective recruitment strategies.

By following these steps, you can build a talented and dedicated team in Ukraine.

Advantages of Hiring a Team in Ukraine

Ukraine is an emerging powerhouse in the global market for sourcing exceptional talent, particularly well-known for its robust tech industry and highly competent workforce.

By choosing to hire or outsource in Ukraine, businesses can reap a host of benefits that drive growth and innovation.

Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages:


Bar chart comparing average developer salaries in the USA and Ukraine with figures for USA at $110,000 and Ukraine at $25,000

As illustrated in the graphic above, one of the most persuasive reasons to hire in Ukraine is the significant cost savings.

Ukrainian developers offer the same, if not superior, quality of work as their Western counterparts but at a fraction of the price.

The disparity in cost is mainly due to the lower cost of living and different economic conditions — a benefit that translates into considerable savings for companies looking to optimize their budget without compromising on talent.

Extensive Talent Pool

Ukraine’s education system, particularly in STEM fields, is rigorous and highly competitive, resulting in a wealth of skilled professionals ready to take on the world stage.

This rich talent pool spans across diverse sectors, such as software development, digital marketing, graphic design, and customer service.

Ukrainian universities are constantly churning out qualified candidates who are eager to apply their knowledge and skills in a global business environment.

Strong Technical Expertise

The country’s reputation for producing top-notch software engineers and IT professionals isn’t unwarranted.

Ukrainian developers are well-versed in a multitude of programming languages and cutting-edge technologies, from mainstream to niche.

Firms that hire in Ukraine access a workforce known for its strong technical foundation, innovative problem-solving, and a track record of success in delivering complex projects across various industries.

Cultural Similarity

Hiring a team in Ukraine means less time spent on getting over the cultural hurdle.

Ukrainians share European values, have a strong work ethic, and maintain a business culture that is familiar and conducive to Western practices.

This cultural proximity ensures a smoother integration of Ukrainian staff into international teams and a mutual understanding of business goals and work standards.

Time Zone Overlap

An often-overlooked yet crucial advantage is the favorable geographical location of Ukraine.

Its time zone (GMT+2) allows for significant overlap with Western European and North American work hours, especially for the latter’s Eastern and Central Time Zones.

This overlap means that communication between home offices and Ukrainian remote teams can occur in real-time, ensuring more efficient collaboration and quicker response times to any arising issues.

Hiring in Ukraine stands out as a strategic move for businesses seeking to innovate, scale, and lead. By embracing Ukraine’s tech talent and leveraging the benefits of remote team building, companies can set the stage for success in today’s highly competitive market. The Ukraine Gateway Group is committed to facilitating your business’s growth by connecting you with the country’s brightest minds and paving the way for a fruitful expansion into the Ukrainian market.

Different Models for Hiring in Ukraine

Professional working on a computer with a scenic view of the Saint Sophia Cathedral

Finding the perfect fit for your Ukrainian team doesn’t just involve choosing who, but also how you’ll employ them.

Each model offers distinct advantages and considerations, so weighing your options is crucial. Let’s explore the four main avenues:

1. Direct Hire

  • Process: You establish a legal entity in Ukraine, handle payroll, and directly manage your team. While offering the most control and cultural integration, it requires navigating local laws and setting up infrastructure.
  • Example: You need a dedicated team for long-term software development and prefer tight collaboration. Direct hiring gives you complete control over the project and fosters team loyalty.

2. IT Outsourcing

  • Process: Partner with established Ukrainian agencies who recruit, manage, and provide your team. They handle legal complexities and payroll, offering a faster and more hands-off approach.
  • Example: You need temporary assistance with a specific project like website development. Outsourcing provides flexibility and access to a wider talent pool without long-term commitments.

3. Freelance Platforms

  • Process: Utilize online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to find individual freelancers for specific tasks. It’s quick and inexpensive, but comes with less control and potential project scope challenges.
  • Example: You need an occasional graphic designer for social media ads. Platforms offer a convenient way to find skilled talent for bite-sized projects without additional overhead.

4. Hybrid Model

  • Process: Combine direct hires with outsourced talent or freelancers, tailoring your team to your specific needs. This provides a balance of control, expertise, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Example: You need core developers directly hired for long-term projects, supplemented by outsourced QA testers for temporary support. The hybrid model allows you to scale your team effectively and access specialized skills on demand.

Remember, the ideal model depends on your specific needs, project scope, and long-term goals. Carefully analyze your options and choose the approach that best complements your vision for your Ukrainian team.

Helpful Tools and Resources for Hiring in Ukraine

Venturing into Ukrainian talent acquisition doesn’t have to be a solo trek. A treasure trove of resources awaits to illuminate your path.

Start by casting your net on specialized job boards like and Djinni, teeming with qualified Ukrainian professionals across diverse industries.

For targeted searches, leverage platforms like Jooble and, equipped with advanced filtering options.

Legal intricacies can feel like a foreign language, so enlisting the expertise of local legal advisors is crucial.

Platforms like Cultural Bridge and GlobalMindset provide cultural training programs that bridge the gap, equipping your team with the knowledge and sensitivity to navigate Ukrainian communication styles and workplace etiquette.

At Ukraine Gateway Group – we offer comprehensive guidance on employment contracts, work permits, and tax regulations, ensuring you stay compliant and avoid pitfalls.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Get inspired by success stories of companies like Grammarly and Preply, who have flourished by building vibrant Ukrainian teams.

Preply’s blog delves into their journey of scaling their team with Ukrainian talent, offering valuable insights on recruitment strategies and cultural integration.

And Grammarly’s case study with Jooble showcases how leveraging the right job board can unlock a pool of exceptional talent.

Remember, these are just a few stepping stones on your Ukrainian hiring adventure. Don’t hesitate to explore further and tailor your resource toolkit to your specific needs. With the right guidance and support, building a successful Ukrainian team becomes a rewarding journey, enriching your organization with talented individuals and diverse perspectives.

Making the Most of Building a Team in Ukraine

"Busy tech startup office with creative ukrainian mural and engaged employees

In closing, building a team in Ukraine offers a compelling proposition for ventures in need of skilled, cost-effective, and culturally diverse talent.

The advantages are undeniable:

  • Access to a deep pool of skilled professionals: From tech wizards to marketing mavericks, Ukraine boasts a robust talent pool across diverse industries.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Competitive salaries and lower operational costs translate to significant savings compared to many developed markets.
  • Exceptional work ethic and cultural alignment: Renowned for their dedication and strong work ethic, Ukrainian professionals seamlessly integrate into global teams, sharing similar values and a drive for excellence.
  • Flexibility and remote-friendly culture: Embrace the Ukrainian talent’s adaptability and thrive in a remote-first environment, unlocking geographical freedom and fostering global collaboration.

Ready to leverage the power of Ukrainian talent and propel your organization to new heights?

Then don’t wait – get in touch with Ukraine Gateway Group today! We’re your trusted guides on this exciting journey, equipped with the expertise and network to seamlessly connect you with your perfect Ukrainian team.

Let’s take your vision to the skies, together. Get in touch now and unlock the boundless potential of your Ukrainian dream team!

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