Revolutionizing Waste Management: New Waste Processing Plant to be Built Near Lutsk

In a significant stride towards more sustainable waste management, plans have been unveiled for a state-of-the-art waste processing plant in a village near Lutsk, in the Volyn region of Ukraine.

The project is set to address critical issues related to the disposal of organic and solid municipal waste, as well as the recycling of tires, thanks to a partnership between a Polish investor, Robert Kornatovsky of Meritt Group Ukraine LLC, and the proactive city mayor, Oleksandr Kovalchuk.

This venture is bound to transform the local waste landscape, positively impacting the environment and the quality of life for residents in the region.

The Vision Behind the Waste Processing Plant in Lutsk

The vision behind this waste processing plant is not only environmentally conscious but also geared towards making a difference in the community. Meritt Group, a company that specializes in the processing of metal, tires, and solid municipal waste, focuses on turning waste into a valuable resource – alternative fuel and soil conditioner. In addition, they are engaged in the manufacture of equipment designed for waste processing.

Robert Kornatovsky, the driving force behind Meritt Group, explained that the project’s initial stage will involve the installation of a biostabilizer, aimed at processing green waste. This includes dry grass, leaves, and branches which will be repurposed into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Importantly, this initiative is in alignment with sustainable waste management practices that avoid the burning of solid waste. Instead, it will be efficiently shredded.

An essential aspect of this ambitious project is community involvement. To achieve their waste processing goals, educating community residents on proper waste sorting is imperative. The success of the project hinges on the effective sorting of garbage, ensuring that recyclable materials are directed to the processing line.

Kornatovsky emphasized the plant’s commitment to waste management without delay. Waste will not be stored, but rather processed promptly and dispatched to Ukrainian enterprises through pre-established agreements. Moreover, the technology employed in this endeavor is environmentally friendly, as it does not involve the composting of green waste, thus ensuring that the air remains unpolluted.

Beyond Waste Processing

Meritt Group’s commitment extends beyond the mere processing of waste. They also invest in certified tire recycling, employing a similar principle of shredding and sending the recycled materials to new life. Furthermore, they are exploring the possibility of remediating a landfill in the village of Zabrody, underlining the company’s dedication to minimizing the environmental impact of waste management.

Kornatovsky encapsulated the project’s collective mission succinctly: “Our common task is to limit the pollution of nature by recycling waste, and to leave a planet comfortable for future generations.”

Community Engagement and Environmental Concerns

This endeavor comes in the wake of community discussions regarding potential environmental concerns in the Volyn region. An open meeting in Novovolynsk brought together city council members, the public, and Robert Kornatovsky from Meritt Group to address the local community’s apprehensions regarding the construction of a waste processing plant. It is a testament to the project’s transparency and its commitment to addressing the concerns of the residents.

In light of these developments, the waste processing plant near Lutsk is poised to usher in a new era of sustainable waste management. By prioritizing efficient waste processing, community involvement, and environmental responsibility, it promises a cleaner, greener future for the Volyn region and sets a commendable example for the world.

As the waste processing plant takes shape, it represents a positive shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future, embodying the motto that should guide us all: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”


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